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Working With RivalScape

We Start by Listening

Because every client is unique, with a different set of problems to be tackled and opportunities to be pursued, each RivalScape engagement is tailored to fit the situation at hand.

We begin by listening carefully to our prospective client and inquiring about the overall competitive landscape, company strengths and weaknesses, perceived intelligence needs, current CI efforts to address those needs, existing HR policies and programs, budgetary considerations, corporate culture and much more.

Once we have asked all our introductory questions and heard as much about your situation as you can tell us, we will determine whether we believe you can benefit from Workforce Competitive Intelligence™ (WCI). If so, we’ll propose a WCI program customized to fit your needs, budget and goals.

Committed to Producing Results

Our services might range from a few consultations on a specific intelligence-related topic to helping you set up a complete WCI program. We are outcome-focused, so whatever the scale of the project, we won’t bog you down in unnecessary process.

As experienced team planning facilitators, we bring your team together and help you develop the business case for WCI, articulate a mission, identify obstacles, set goals, build teamwork, create a roadmap and build in accountability to achieve those goals. And if necessary, we can perform direct hands-on intelligence functions to meet a critical deadline.

In all cases, we zero in on the goal and work closely with you and your team until we achieve the results you want, to your satisfaction.

Customized Fees & Billing

RivalScape consults on an hourly, project fee or retainer basis depending on the nature of the assignment. Designing and negotiating a contract that meets the needs of both parties is an essential foundation to a successful engagement.


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