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Recent RivalScape Engagements

Instigated a Workforce Information Security Program™ for a global pharmaceutical company

On behalf of a multinational life sciences company concerned about information security, RivalScape was retained to see if we could find and fix the sources of their increasingly common information leaks.

We interviewed the executives and CI staff about the likely weak spots. We looked at issues ranging from how proprietary documents were marked and secured to how much we (and thus any competitor) could learn from studying the corporate website, sales literature, PR and company employment ads. We personally reviewed staff behavior at the client’s trade show booth. We discovered a number of loose points in various processes and behaviors, and observed people who tended to unwittingly give out too much information. Another area that received scrutiny was staff discussions with outside technology, business and securities analysts.

Working with both the CI and HR staff, we helped establish a Workforce Information Security Program™ with one designated individual in charge of handling all requests for information from outside. We conducted staff training to build awareness of the problem and instill new behaviors and procedures, making sure these new policies were well understood and would be properly implemented.

Recruited and hired a WCI manager for a name-brand tech company

First we helped this well-known high-tech company determine whether it was better to hire a Workforce Competitive Intelligence™ (WCI) manager from within or recruit from outside. This new position would manage the WCI function recently established within the HR organization.

We worked closely with the lead HR manager championing the WCI effort. Since the client did not have a deep CI team, we recommended looking outside. We determined staffing needs and drafted a robust job description with six- and twelve-months goals. Then we located and successfully recruited a CI expert to fill the position.

Selected research vendors for a large manufacturing company

A Fortune 500 manufacturing firm had an ongoing need for investigation and assessment of research vendors to serve both HR and CI functions. On their own, the company had found vendors skilled at addressing broad CI subjects and vendors with HR expertise, but never the special application of CI techniques to HR they wanted. RivalScape was hired to develop such a research vendor program. We identified, evaluated, recommended and ultimately managed several primary and secondary research vendors who had the cross-expertise the client wanted. Utilizing these new research providers the client was able to more cost-effectively and successfully address some key strategic issues, especially in the area of employment branding and competitive HR practices.

Started a Competitor Alumni Program™ for a large professional services firm

A Fortune 500 professional services firm wanted to broaden its competitive intelligence reach and utilize the competitor knowledge within its workforce. RivalScape developed a Competitor Alumni Program™ for the client, ensured its cultural fit, prepared the interview plan including detailed questions, and conducted training workshops. The CAP was successfully implemented across departments and lines of business. The resulting insights have corroborated and validated other sources of intelligence and provided a new source for early warning of potential threats and opportunities.


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