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RivalScape Code of Ethics

  1. We will accept only those assignments for which we have proven and demonstrated professional competence. In cases where we know other professionals who could perform the work more effectively, we will refer you to those people.
  2. We will maintain strict client confidentiality at all times and in all places. We will never disclose to anyone any information we learn in the course of a consulting project about a client’s business or issues.
  3. We will strive to avoid conflict of interest issues before they occur. Should a conflict occur or become a possibility, we will immediately identify and disclose it completely to all parties involved. We will assume at all times that perception equals reality.
  4. Our fees will be straightforward and clearly described in our engagement letter. No client will ever be confused about our invoices or the services we will provide for the fees charged.
  5. We will communicate thoroughly and often with our clients to ensure that they understand the progress we are making and any challenges we are encountering.
  6. In addition to adhering to our own internal code of ethics, we will strictly follow the codes of ethics of:
Paul K. Houston
Founder, RivalScape Intelligence Consultants LLC


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