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Enhancing and Enriching Competitive Intelligence

These differences between competitive intelligence as commonly practiced and the emerging discipline of Workforce Competitive Intelligence™ (WCI) indicate the ways that WCI contributes to and extends the art and science of CI.


Traditional CI Workforce CI
Often exists in a silo Is horizontally integrated and networked by nature
Typically has no connection to HR-related networks Always integrated with HR-related networks
Rarely is asked to contribute to human capital issues Human capital issues are often the foundation of WCI
Rarely creates and sustains competitor alumni programs Competitor alumni programs are a crucial part of WCI, and are often institutionalized
CI leader never placed in the HR function WCI leader could be placed within the HR organization
Can function in environments where people are viewed as disposable assets Can function only in environments where human capital is truly valued
Can operate adequately in a company with a transactional, non-strategic HR function Requires a strategic-minded and innovative talent management function
Rarely is responsible for workforce information security Typically leads and manages an ongoing workforce information security program
Rarely is involved in pre-retirement debriefing of key employees Creates, leads and manages formal pre-retirement information gathering initiatives
Employs traditional CI training and development programs WCI leader and staff must understand both CI and human capital management issues to be successful.

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