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RivalScape Intelligence Consultants, a groundbreaking consulting firm with an uncommon blend of backgrounds and skills, is pioneering a new discipline — Workforce Competitive Intelligence™ — that helps clients create cutting-edge processes and practices to:

  • Access untapped competitive intelligence already embedded in your organization;
  • Empower HR with a new strategic role in top-level decision-making;
  • Build a bridge between your competitive intelligence and HR functions and make both programs more effective;
  • Infuse an HR department, executive management and other key talent with a competitive intelligence mind-set.

Are you ready to discover a powerful new set of competitive intelligence tools that can play a vital role in securing a sustainable competitive advantage?

If so, RivalScape is uniquely qualified to help you develop a Workforce Competitive Intelligence™ program tailor-made for your company.

News and Events
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A leading competitive intelligence attorney discusses the legal issues regarding talking to employees of competitors. more»
The Fordyce Letter
RivalScape co-founder Paul Houston writes an article for The Fordyce Letter about executive recruiting, unethical corporate spying and legitimate competitive intelligence gathering. more»
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